Lozier Machinery - DEAD BEAT DEBITOR

New Albany, Indiana 4 comments

Eric Lozier owner of Lozier Machinery and Wood Products is a DEAD BEAT DEBITOR, I see Eric is quick to ask about securing a truck for product that you have already collected your money for and did NOT pay his vendors.You owe us money for transportation services on three jobs?

Since you claim and promote yourself as an honest and profound individual, then you should pay your bills for the services provided to you in a timely manner and keep your word on the promised payments.

The real problem now is for the people who have the product we shipped because they will be include in the collection process, that would be your customers but you probably do not care!


Newport, Vermont, United States #726372

Eric, took payment for a couple of used machines and never deliveried. We lost over $70,000.00 and never saw the equipment. Eric stop returning calls and has never tried to repay us.

to Veneer Canada, Kentucky, United States #726797

call me 250-308-2297


Lozier Machinery was great to do business with!I have a hard time believing that the services offered by these complaintents were up to par.

Bills were paid on time , but probably because we fulfilled the customers expectations.I highly recommend Lozier Machinery .

to Canada #677467

Eric is ripping me off too.I was trying to buy a piece of equipment off him and in good faith sent the money.

After that he kept saying he was working on shipping and the odd time tries to sell me more equipment when I am able to reach him.The individual who recommended has since had similar problems.

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